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How to get the most out of your storage space and experience

A few things to consider before you store:

  • How long you might you need to store your items?

Often, if you know ahead of time how long you will need a unit, you can take advantage of special pricing for advance payment – like six months or a year.

  • Are there items you will be storing but will need regular access to?

The placement of what you’re storing can be crucial. Anything you think you may need to utilize should be placed where you can reach it without having to move half of what you have stored out. A little careful thought and some planning will save you time and aggravation in the long run.

  • Will the items you intend to store be affected by heat or cold? Or by moisture?

If temperature or humidity may be an issue, then we would strongly urge you to consider a climate controlled unit. The last thing you want is for your property to be damaged or compromised. (It’s also the last thing WE want!)

Other helpful ideas to consider

Consider placing either plastic or a tarp down before you begin moving into your unit. This gives you another layer of protection from moisture.

Polish wood furniture and vacuum upholstery before storing. Oiling tools or any type of metal is also a good idea.

Consider what you are packing – place heavy items in smaller boxes and store these at the bottom when you place them in your unit.

Always make sure you wrap anything fragile very well, using bubble or foam wrap. And make sure you place boxes with these items on the top of your stacks of boxes or on top of a piece of furniture.

Any appliances should be cleaned and dried before storing. Leaving the doors/lids slightly open is a good practice, too. You can often use the shelves for storage of other items that are fragile.

While it makes sense to place the things you might need close to the front, it also is not a bad idea to leave enough room or an aisle-way all the way to the back. That way, if you do have to look for something, you won’t have to move as many boxes. Also, items that will need to be installed or used first when you move – like tools, paint supplies, brackets for shelves or a furniture dolly should be easily accessible.

If you are really organized and/or have the time, number each box as you pack them and then make a numbered list of what is in each box. Using this method can save you a lot of time if you need to find something in your unit or when it comes time to move – you’ll have a pretty good idea of where things are and what you need to move first.